Message from the Administrator - No Dues Increase

Local 1549 Members:

Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a safe holiday season.  

After careful consideration and review by the administratorship team, Local 1549 applied for and received a waiver from the 2023 dues increase. Minimum dues are determined by a process adopted and included in the AFSCME Constitution in 1978. Based on that process, the minimum dues for 2023 increase is $1.55 per member per month for full-time members. 

The waiver means that this increase will be covered by the current dues amount, so Local 1549 members will not have dues increase in 2023.  It is possible some employing departments may erroneously increase dues. If that happens, please notify the Local 1549 office or a grievance rep as soon as possible so we can take steps to correct the mistake. 

In Solidarity,

Jim Howell

Local 1549, Administrator