Notice from Local 1549 Elections Committee

On behalf of the entire Elections Committee, we want to thank everyone who has participated in the nomination process for Local 1549 Chapter Officers and Delegates.  

Nominations opened on Sunday, April 14th 2024 electronically and concluded on Saturday April 20th with in-person nominations. Below are the nominations of eligible members by their unit number as indicated in the nomination notice that was mailed to all members. 

Also, all eligible nominees shall be afforded the opportunity to decline their nomination before 12:00 noon on Tuesday April 23, 2024 by submitting an email to the Elections Committee at: [email protected] 

Candidates’ names will appear on the ballots in alphabetical order by the first letter of their last name with their first name appearing first. 

Please note: for the positions where only one candidate has been nominated, the Elections Committee has certified those eligible candidates as elected for those positions. 

Best Regards, 

Local 1549 Elections Committee: 
Gizelle Proctor-Dia 
Casey M. Schmoll 
Benjamin Neuwirth 
Colette Williams 
Pamela Byass 
Lorette Clarke-Blair 
Yolie Foster 
Amanda Mercado 
Ana Roberts 
Kat St. Martin-Norburg 
Seleste Wilson