Local 1549 Calendar of Events

NYC Government Hiring Hall - Bronx

Info Meeting: Delegates, Chapter Chairs, Chief Shop Stewards, Stewards

DC 37 Housing Committee Special Event: What's in the Cards for NYCHA?

NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade

DC 37 Latino Heritage Month Committee Meeting

NYC Government Hiring Hall

DC 37 City Government Hiring Hall

MELS Webinar - How to Become a U.S. Citizen

Facebook Live - DC 37 Discussion on Tentative Agreement

1549 Borough Meeting - Staten Island

DC 37 Homebuyer Orientation Webinar

DC 37 Worker Power for Climate, Jobs, and Justice Townhall

L1549 Borough Meeting - Brooklyn

L1549 Borough Meeting - Queens

L1549 Borough Meetings - Bronx

L1549 Borough Meeting - Manhattan

Rally - Healthcare Accountability and Consumer Protection Act

The importance of cancer screenings and preventive measures webinar

MELS Financial Empowerment Workshop Part 3

MELS Financial Empowerment Workshop Part 2

MELS Financial Empowerment Workshop Part 1

DC 37 Black History Month Finale Part 2

DC 37 Black History Month Finale Part 1

DC 37 Black History Month Opening Ceremony

Achieving Your 2023 Wellness Goals

MELS Bank Fraud, Internet Scams, and ID Theft Virtual Webinar

MELS Tax Filing Tips Virtual Webinar

DC 37 Disability Advisory Committee

MELS Virtual Webinar: Finding Affordable Housing in NYC

Chapter Chair and Board Training

MELS Virtual Matrimonial Webinar - Getting Divorced in New York State

MEHP Homebuyer Orientation Virtual Webinar

Student Debt Relief Webinar (DC37 and PSLF.nyc)

U.S. Citizenship Seminar (DC37)

DC 37 Public Service Loan Forgiveness Webinar

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